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Where does food come from?

These activities help children understand where the food they eat come from. Most of the food we eat comes from farms.

Activity: Where does it grow?

Using stickers or pictures of food, ask your kid if this vegetable or this fruit grows on a tree or in the ground.

Where is your food growing?
Placing the right food item on the right area

you did it! This is where food grows
Cut-outs to do it yourself

Here is a link to print at home:

Where does food grow to print
Download PDF • 469KB

Activity: Where does food come from?

Ask your child to put each picture of food in front of where it comes from.

You can add more by explaining that with wheat we make flour and with the flour we make bread.

Where does food come from?

Placing the right food item on each line

Here is a link to print at home (the link above has the items you can glue):

Where does food come from to print
Download PDF • 152KB

Activity : Vegetables and fruits garden

If you actually have a real vegetable garden or access to one, it is even better. If you don’t you can make one with felt and play picking up the fruits and vegetables.

You can make some pretend money and play selling food to each other, it’s a good way to teach maths and have fun.

Play time in the garden (real or made out of felt)

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