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The Moon

What is the Moon? It’s Earth natural satellite. It orbits the Earth (it turns around the Earth).

You can use the activity to explain that the Earth rotates around the sun and the Moon rotates around the Earth.

Material required:

The Sun and Earth from the solar system activity, paper, aluminum, glue, scissors and bolts.

Material required for The Moon

Have your child glue the aluminum on the Moon then attached it to the Earth.

Sun - earth - moon

What is the Moon made of? The Moon is mostly made of rock. The surface has thousands of pits called craters.

Moon rocks activity


For the rocks: Baking soda, food coloring (I used green and blue because it’s all I had) water and glitter.

For the activity: white vinegar and an eyedropper.

Make the rocks the day before so they can dry. Mix together the baking soda, the food coloring and the glitter then add a little bit of water to form a rock. Let it dry overnight.

The next day, it is ready to play with.

For more fun, add some white vinegar using an eyedropper.

You can let your child play with the baking soda and white vinegar “paste” (safe for children). His/her hands are going to be of the color you used to make the rock. Don’t worry, it will go away easily (I just gave him a bath after). Also it doesn’t stain clothes. (You should use water soluble food coloring).

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