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The Earth

Today we are learning about our own planet, the Earth.

If we look at pictures of the Earth, we can see water (oceans, seas, rivers..) and continents. But what is inside the Earth, under its surface?

This activity is easy to do and a good support to explain the insides of our planet.

Material required for The Earth

Material required:

  • Different colors of construction paper (black, yellow, orange, red, blue and green)

  • Scissor

  • Glue

  • A brad

Cut all of the circles, then your child can glue the continents on the earth. Put together each circle and attached them with the brad to make each layers :

The crust (land and sea floor),

The mantel, made of almost solid rock,

The outer core made of liquid metals and minerals and the inner core made of solid metals and minerals. Note: If the Earth were an apple, the crust would only be as thick as the skin.

Cuts of earth

Final result: The Earth

While we learnt about the solar system we saw that all the planets turn around the sun. The earth also turn on itself, which is why we have daytime and night time. Using a globe and a lamp for the sun we can show how we go from day to night. If you don’t have a globe you can use an orange and draw the continents on it.

And now a fun activity to do, a volcano. You then can explain that the lava comes from the mantel.

Material required:

Plate, glass, aluminum paper, baking soda, red food coloring, dish soap, white vinegar.

Material required for Volcano

First, build the volcano:

Then add the baking soda, the food coloring and the dish soap.

Finally let your kid add the white vinegar.

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