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Thanksgiving story

It’s important for children to understand what thanksgiving is about, and why it’s the day we are thankful.

So I made a short story explaining that some English man with their family went on a boat to America. when they arrived it was winter and they had nothing to eat .The Native American showed them how to grow vegetables and fruits and so they had a lot to eat.They invited them to share their food, to thank them for their help. It was the first thanksgiving.

I also added that one of the turkey didn’t wanted to be eaten and they decided to kept it alive, it was their turkey friend.

Shadow puppet:

Material required:

-Cardboard box

-Tracing paper

-black paper


-Tape and scissor

Cut a rectangle into the cardboard and tape some tracing paper.

for the shadow puppet cute into the black paper and tape it to a stick.

You can let your kid decorate the cardboard while you do the puppet.

Paper roll thanksgiving

Material required:

-Paper rolls

-construction paper

-Glue, scissor


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