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Solar system

This week we are having fun with the solar system.

  • We are first learning planet names, and the fact that they all turn around the sun.

  • Then we will have a look at our own planet the earth. (on the next post)

  • We will also explore the moon (on another post).

I like to use this encyclopedia to introduce a new subject, it has short and simple explanation.

For example, here is the page about the solar system:

Our place in space

This game made out of felt is a fun way to learn planet names. It will request some preparations but then you can fly the rocket ship to different planets and talk about them. How big is the planet? How far is it from the sun? What is the planet made of, gas or solid?

Material required

Material required:

Felt, velcro, glue gun.

I used 2 pieces of felt that I glued together to make the universe.

Then I cut circles of felt for the different planet and used velcro to put them on (this way they can be removed, the game will be to place them in the right order).

Circles of felt for the different planet and used velcro


Space map

Multiple planets created

There is no velcro on the back of the rocket since we want it to fly from planet to planet.

The next activity is a good support to explain the planets rotation around the sun. You can use planets ready made (I bought mine at Michaels for less than 1$) and do this solar system:

Solar system DIY

Material required for Solar system

Explain the planets rotation around the sun

And finally you can ask your child to make his own planet. Cut 2 or more big circles on white watercolor paper and let him/her use his creativity. Let them use brushes, fingers, sponge... for creating different texture. You can ask your child if his planet is solid, if there is water, mountains, craters... Once the paint is dry, glue the planet on black paper. Using stickers your child can then decorate hers/his galaxy.

Creating your own planets

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