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Sensory farm

Materials required:

-Sensory bin/tray or any container ( to contain the mess)

- For the grass: rice and green food coloring

- For the chicken: oatmeal and corn

- For the pig: cereals and water

- For the tractor: floor, oil and quinoa

- For the ducks: water and blue food coloring.

- Animals and accessories.

The day before, prepare your tray, in a plastic bag mix some rice and green food coloring. Pour some oatmeal and some corn for the chicken. Mix cereals with water to make some mud for the pigs. For the field, mix some floor, quinoa and oil. In a bol put some water with one drop of blue food coloring for the ducks.

We used this book to learn more about farm animals.

We also used what we learned when we saw the life cycle of some animals and when we talked about food.

Cleaning is also part of the fun !


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