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Pumpkin activities

Pumpkin and stickers:

All you need is a pumpkin (any size) and some Halloween stickers.

Pumpkin beads:

Material required:

  • Beads (any colors but if you have plenty of orange ones it’s even better)

  • Pipe cleaners

Secure the pipe cleaners together then ask your child to put on the beads. You can make it more or less big by citing the pipe cleaners. Once he is done, twist them together on top and add a green pipe cleaner.

Pumpkin matching game:

Material required:

  • Orange paper

  • Scissor

  • Black markers

Draw some pumpkin on an orange piece of paper and cut then in the middle. Make them similar so it’s a little bit more challenging.

Pumpkin science experiment:

Material required:

  • A pumpkin

  • Peroxide hydrogen

  • Food coloring

  • Liquide soap

  • Dry yeast

  • Warm water

Carve the pumpkin (for best result put the mouth higher so when you pour the liquid it stays in. Mine was a little too low.)

Mix the yeast with warm water and wait about 5 minutes. Mix the peroxide hydrogen with some soap and food coloring (I am sorry I didn’t measure anything).

Pour the peroxide hydrogen mixture in the pumpkin (we did put our pumpkin on a stand to see better when the experiment comes out of the pumpkin mouth), then add the yeast.

Pumpkin patterns:

Material required:

  • Paper

  • Orange marker

  • Scissors

  • Glue stick

Draw different pumpkin patterns, and ask your child to find the right pumpkin to finish the pattern.

Pumpkin light catcher:

Material required:

  • Self-adhesive paper

  • Yellow, red and orange cello sheets

  • Black paper

  • Scissors

Use some black paper to do the outline of a pumpkin then put it on the sticky paper. Then let your child add pieces of colored cello sheets. cover the pumpkin with another sheet of self-adhesive paper.


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