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Ocean food chain

The oceans are packed with life. Each animal is part of a food chain. They are all important for the oceans ecosystems.

For example, sharks are very important for corals because they eat the big fish that eat the small fish which are taking care of the corals. If there is no shark, then there will be too many big fish eating the small fish that in turn may disappear, and have dire consequences to the coral reefs.

Here is a link to print at home:

Ocean food chain to print
Download PDF • 215KB

Hands on the oceans :

Material required:

  • Sand or baking soda

  • Plastic container

  • Water with blue food coloring

Put first the baking soda (or sand) then slowly add the water (with food coloring) on the other side. The baking soda will eventually soak up all the water, or your child will mix everything together, it’s ok! you can hide some animals in the ”sand” and play finding them. It makes a fun sensory bin.

Felt oceans playmat:

For a less messy but also fun ocean game you can make a playmat using felt. You don’t need to know how to sew. I use a glue gun for everything. It’s time consuming but then your child can play again and again.


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