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Our muscles

Your muscles let you move. You need them to run, jump, play, and more.

Even the movements you are not aware of, such as the beating of your heart or the digestion of food, are actually controlled by muscles.

Activity: Move like an animal.

Material required:

  • Animals cards

  • Tape

  • Dice

Tape the animal cards together, take turns to roll the dice. Move like the animal. You can make your own rules. For examples the winner is the one that do more animals so doing small numbers on the dice is best. You could also do some challenges: who can balance longer, who is jumping the highest, or just let your child choose which one he wants to do. While your child does the animal movements ask him what muscles is he using: legs? arms?...

Here is a link to print at home:

Our Muscles and Cards to play with
Download PDF • 1.42MB

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