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Mixing colors

Kids learn by playing, with this fun activities they can learn about the primary and secondary colors.

The primary colors are blue yellow and red. With this 3 colors you can make the secondary colors :

-blue and yellow make green

-blue and red make the color purple

-and red and yellow make orange.

Learn with paint:

Material required :

-red, blue and yellow paint


-paint brushes

Draw circles on the paper and write the name of the colors you want to start with, for example : one circle for blue and one for yellow. Next make a circle where you will mix both color, and ask your child what color it makes when you mix yellow and blue.

Learn with baking soda:

Material required :

-Baking soda

-Plastic bin

-White vinegar


-Food color


put some baking soda in the plastic bin. In the cups put some white vinegar and food coloring , we decided to only use the primary colors. Then let your child mix and drop the color on the baking soda .

Learn with ice cubes:

Material required:

-Ice tray

-Food coloring

-3 glass

The day before make the ice cube mixing the water with the food coloring. Make 2 yellow 2 blue and 2 red ice cubes.

The next day put a blue ice cube with a yellow one on the glas, one red with the other yellow and the other blue with the other red. As the ice cube melt watch the color mix to create an other color.


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