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They come in all shapes and sizes but one thing they all have in common is that mammal moms make milk to feed their babies, like humans!

They don’t lay eggs (except for the platypus and the spiny anteater)

Fun fact : The bat is the only mammal that really flies.

Activity: Match the letter with the animal

Ask your child what is the name of this animal, for example : dog. What is the first letter in the word D-O-G? Make the sound of the letter 'D'. Then your child will stick the letter D sticker next to the dog sticker.

All the stickers here are mammals. I didn‘t use all the letters in the alphabet.

Mammals activity prep and required material

Mammal activity

Activity: Mammal footprints

Put some play-doh in front of each foot print they ask your child to guess to which animal this footprint belongs. She/he can then make the footprint in the play-doh.

Here are the footprints I used but you could use different ones depending on the animals toys you have.

Mammal footprints

Here is a link to print at home:

Mammal Footprints to print
Download PDF • 257KB

Animal toys and footprints

Bear footprint

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