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Flying to the Moon.

In 1969, 3 astronauts (Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins) became the first people to travel to the moon. This mission was called Apollo 11. Explain to your child that there is no gravity in space. Gravity is the force that keeps thing on the ground. So if everything is floating away, how do astronauts eat, sleep and walk around? Astronauts are strapped-in when they sleep so they don’t float away and they eat special food that can last a long time.

Children learn best by playing so let’s built a moon and let’s play.

Material required:

  • A large paper sheet like a poster board.

  • Black and white paint

  • Brushes, sponge...

Draw a circle and let your child paint. You can ask him if he is doing some craters, and rocks. Mix the white and black to make some grey.

Once the paint is dry, add some stars stickers and time to launch your rocket to the moon!

Moon and stars

Man landing on the moon - with the space shuttle :)

Activity: Built a space rocket

Here is a link to print at home:

Building a Spaceship to print
Download PDF • 468KB

Material required:

  • water bottle

  • grey and white tape

  • cardboard box

  • glue gun

  • red fabric

Here are the pictures for each step:

Building this rocket takes some time but then your kid can decorate it with stickers, put some toys inside and play for hours. 😊

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