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Fall crafts

Fall is here and soon the leaves will turn yellow orange and red. These Fall activities are easy to do, beautiful and so much fun !

Fall wreath

Fall wreath

Material required:

  • Felt

  • Velcro

Cut some leaves using the felt.

Add some velcro on the wreath and leaves.

Your child can now create his own wreath over and over again.

Material required for Fall wreath
Placing velcro
Placing each items to complete the wreath

Fall tree:

Material required:

  • Coffee filters

  • Water soluble marker

  • Spray bottle filled with water.

  • Big piece of paper.

  • Glue stick

  • Piece of cardboard

Draw a tree on the piece of paper.

Cut some leaves out of the coffee filters (4 layers for each leaves)

Ask your child to color them and then spray them with water. Use a piece of cardboard underneath to reduce the mess.

Let them dry. Once dried, separate them and glue them on the tree.

Drawing of a bare tree
Coloring the leaves
Being creative and playing with mixing colors
Leaf changing colour
Leaves are ready to be placed on tree
Placing each leaf

Beautiful tree with fall colored leaves

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