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Our digestive system

Organs of the digestive system:

Here is a link to print at home:

Digestive system
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Digestive System in action:


  • Food (crackers or bread)

  • A mixing bowl

  • A masher

  • A funnel

  • A tube

  • A ziploc bag

  • Water

  • A pair of tights

  • Paper towels

The food goes first in our mouth, our teeth cuts and smashes it. Break some crackers in a bowl and smash them. Add some water to make the saliva. You will then end up with a ”paste” easy to swallow.

The food makes its way to our stomach through our oesophagus. Pour the “food and saliva” paste in the funnel going through the tube (the oesophagus) to the stomach (ziploc bag). Here, we added water, but you could easily add white vinegar to make up for the acids in our stomach that break down our food.

The content of the stomach then goes into the small intestine. Cut one corner of the ziploc bag and pour the content into the foot of a pair of tights. As the food travels through our small intestine, our body absorbs all the nutriments from it. Squeeze the paste through the nylon. Everything that is coming out are the proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals that keep our body healthy.

Everything that doesn’t come out are the fibers and what our body doesn’t need.

Then the food goes to the large intestine. Wrap the tights in paper towel to squeeze all the moisture out.

At the end comes the poop :)


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