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Birds are the only animals with feathers. They lay eggs and they have a beak.

Some can fly, some can only swim and some can do both.

Activity: Print the pictures of the birds or use stickers of different birds. Use 3 construction paper sheets to make 3 categories :

  • I can fly.

  • I can swim.

  • I can fly and I can swim.

Give the bird pictures to your child and ask him if he thinks this bird can fly, swim or do both. Then use glue to put it in the right category.

Classify birds activity

Glue different birds within each category

Here is a link to print at home:

Birds to print at home
Download PDF • 502KB

Activity : The chicken circle of life

Cut the pictures then ask your child to put the pictures in the right order.

Life cycle of a chicken

Here is a link to print at home:

Chicken Lifecycle to print
Download PDF • 166KB

Glue each step of the chicken life cycle

Did you know ? The biggest bird is the ostrich ( but she can’t fly, the Andean condor is the largest flying bird).

The smallest bird is the hummingbird and the fastest is the Peregrine falcon.

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