Arctic and Antarctica

The Arctic and Antarctica are both cold.

While Antarctica is nearly completely ice, the Artic has mountains, hills, plains, rivers, tundra, and the boreal forest.

As a result, Arctic wildlife and Antarctica wildlife are different.

Because the Arctic has plants and freshwater, it’s able to support several large land mammals as well as smaller rodents, weasels, and insects. In Antarctica, with less vegetation and large expanses of icy nothingness, animal life is more or less relegated to the coastlines.

Arctic and Antarctica food chain:

A key part of the Antarctica food chain are Krills small shrimp-like crustaceans that the great majority of Antarctica animals, seal, whales, penguins and other birds, fish etc. feed upon.

Arctic Wildlife 

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Polar Bear

They spend their entire lives in the Arctic, feeding mostly on seals. Their only predators are humans.


Caribou and reindeer are the same species. But caribou tend to be slightly larger and wild, while reindeer are basically domesticated caribou.


Unlike other whales, narwhals do not migrate out of the Arctic oceans. Instead, they move into the deep water at the end of winter and back to the shallows in summer. They feed on fish, squid, and shrimp, while predators such as orca and polar bears sometimes feed on them.


Both male and female walrus have the trademark tusks, which are used for defense, breaking ice, and climbing out of the water. They also have two unique pairs of flippers.

Rodents, such as lemmings, squirrels, and Artic hares, are ever-present, as are Arctic wolves, moose, and Dall sheep. There are also interesting members of the weasel family: wolverines, ermines, and possibly minks. The seas are full of whales (such as orca and beluga) and seal species (ringed, bearded, hooded, spotted, harp, and ribbon).

Antarctic Wildlife 

Emperor Penguins

They reside near the coastal waters of Antarctica, where they dine on squid and krill. They are hunted by leopard seals and orca.

Adelie Penguins

Adelie penguins live in the deep, deep south and travel long distances inland to nest.They are a favorite menu item for leopard seals.

Leopard Seals

Leopard seals have a diverse diet that includes squid, fish, penguins, other water birds, and seal pups of other species.

Though the range of wildlife species in Antarctica is significantly less than in the Arctic, there are still many other animals to find. King, chinstrap, and gentoo are three more species of penguins to spot. There are also more varieties of seals, including the crabeater, southern fur, and Weddell. Orcas and numerous other whales are common to the area, as are several species of birds.

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