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Animal classification

Every animal belong to a group: mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, fish, invertebrates. Activity:

Give a simple definition of each group to your child, then give her/him animal stickers or figurines to put in each group. You can discuss with your child why each animal belong to a certain group.

  • Mammals: Feed their babies with milk

  • Birds: Have feathers

  • Reptiles: These scaly creatures are cold blooded (it means their bodies can’t heat up on their own)

  • Amphibians: Most amphibians are born in water and grow up to be able to breathe air. They can live in water or on land.

  • Invertebrates: Don’t have backbone.

  • Fish: Fins help make fish super swimmers. They breathe in water using gills.

The definition of each category is very simple here, we will go into more details in the next posts about each group with activities for each one.

Category tables for animal classification

I have uploaded a PDF at the end of this post for you to print and use at home.

Activity with Animals
To print - Category Tables for Stickers
Download • 614KB

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