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They can live on both land and water.

Most of them are born in water and grow up to be able to breathe air.

For our activity we are going to take the example of the frog.

Activity: Life cycle of the frog

  • Female frogs lay eggs in water.

  • Tadpoles hatch from the eggs.

  • First the back legs then the front legs form, the tail shrinks and the froglet can leave the water.

  • The adult frog can live on land.

Life cycle of a frog

Here is a link to print at home:

Lifecycle of a Frog to print
Download PDF • 136KB

Glue each step of the frog lifecyle

Snack: life cycle of the frog


  • 1 green apple

  • Green grapes

  • Raisins

Great snack idea

Frog snack preparation

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